How to become an expert Skiier?

Skiing is a glorious sport that is both exhilarating and challenging. Professional skiers can count themselves as some of the toughest and fittest competitors in the world. Tackling the elements with nothing but a pair of skis and ski poles takes guts and daring. The road to becoming an expert skier is a tough one too – skiing can’t simply be learned overnight; it takes time and dedication. If you are itching to jump onto the slopes and improve your technique, we have listed 6 awesome tips to help on your journey to becoming an expert skier – good luck!

1. Ski with professionals to learn from their knowledge

There is no substitute for watching and learning from professionals. This is a tried and tested method in many sports disciplines and skiing is no different. Professional skiers will have a wealth of knowledge and have learned a myriad of tricks and skills that you can benefit from. Ensure you take time to ski with the pros and take in everything they tell you – your own technique and knowledge will develop as a result.

2. Make an investment in your gear

Skiing is one of those sports where equipment really does make a difference. If you want to become an expert and persevere with this sport, you MUST put your hand in your wallet and purchase some high-end gear! Skiis, ski poles, clothing and also seasonal passes for ski resorts/courses are an absolute must. The investment may not seem worth it to begin with, but you will be thankful once your skiing skills skyrocket with your new gear.

3. Watch some Ski school videos and tutorials

Part of improving your Skiing skill involves learning like any other discipline or indeed education. Aside from the actual practical work which is hugely important, you should arm yourself with knowledge too. If you browse the web you can find a myriad of awesome ski school videos and tutorials. Check out YouTube and see what troves of information you can find. Watch videos and read articles to see what different techniques the pros use etc.

4. Plan an actual dedicated Ski trip

You cannot become an expert skier without skiing, obviously! If you are only skiing for one day at a time and simply grabbing some practice here and there, your skill will only improve slowly. You need consistency and you need to ski for concurrent days. If you plan several dedicated ski trips throughout the year, you can put this time aside exclusively for practice. These trips can, of course, be fun too, but skiing should be your main priority.

5. Ski in suitable and unsuitable conditions

Don’t be a powder snob! Don’t be one of those people who only take to the slopes in the finest of conditions. We are not advising that you put yourself in any danger, but you must be able to cope with tricky skiing conditions. If you experience the good and the bad, you skiing technique will improve vastly. Furthermore, you will become more versatile which is always a plus.

6. Tailor your physical workouts to improve your fitness and flexibility

To become an expert skier you must be fit and strong. You must have fantastic leg strength and a solid core too; furthermore, you must also have great endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Tailor your fitness regime to train these physical aspects specifically i.e. go mountain biking to improve your leg strength, or running to build up your endurance. In short, create a workout routine that improves vital fitness aspects required to become an expert skier.

There you have it – your path to becoming an expert skier! As you can see, there are numerous steps you can take to develop your skills quickly and efficiently. If you use a combination of all of these tips and just stick at it, there is no reason why you can’t realize your skiing dreams!

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